Limited budget kitchen renovation

   Hi, today I want to talk about my last project: my kitchen.


   When renting a house, the chances to changing or moving furniture are very low. Therefore, the only possible form of expression is colour. When I moved in with my family, we opted for an inexpensive kitchen. I often think about new ways to save money and how I wasn’t able to get the kitchen of my dreams. But still, I knew and I know that you can always transform what you have.

   And the time to modify my kitchen arrived; I just needed to be careful with costs and materials. The final result is not what I expected (country chic), but a personal interpretation based on the kitchen’s structure and my budget. As a self taught person, I always try to do things, aware of the fact that you may always learn what you don’t know. So, after some thinking on what to do and when to start, I took a paint jar and a brush, a lot of patience and begun the transformation process.


   And since a blackboard in the kitchen may always come to hand, I decided that the wall unit with a glass door would have been the ideal place.

vetro trasformato in lavagna


   With a coat of primer, prepared at home with the same technique I usually use to make chalk paint (I talked about the quantities I use in the article “Let’s talk about chalk paint”), I covered the glass so that the blackboard paint (same technique as above with the addition of black water-based paint) adhered well. I wanted a structural change, so I decided to give depth to the doors with wooden strips. This choice made me struggle, because I could make the frame on the edges of the doors or more central.

   Then I had to choose the handles, which somehow contributed to the final shape of the frames. Once I made up my mind, I started. I could notice the change from the first moment I removed the old handles. But it wasn’t enough, so I told myself that adding the frame to the top of the furniture would have surely given a completely different look. I had some frame boards for another project, but since I was already at work I found it was the right moment to use them.

   Even though with my *Dremel* and a lot of nails the job seemed easy, it was not like that. I spent a full Saturday working, including measurements, cutting and fixing. But in the end the result looked excellent. Here’s the link to my Dremel:

trasformare le ante della cucina


   The first coat of primer made everything “clear” as if I had a sheet of white paper. I used a colour which was chosen based on its main feature: covering power. Other important factors have been determined by its rapid drying and also by the excellent results obtained in previous tests. Find the product that I used from, it is “fusion paint”.


il primer sui mobili

   Even the choice of colour has led to some difficulties. Not the colour itself, but its shades.

la scelta del colore


   I also removed the oven and the stove because I had initially decided to change the countertop too. But then, not to exceed the fixed budget, I preferred modify it by applying paint. I decided to give the top a faux wood effect, to recall in some way the colour of the floor tiles. It was not easy to understand which colour was better to use, partly because half of the family suggested darker colours, while I liked lighter nuances.

    Compromising may also become a choice, so we went for a middle shade. With the “Venalegno” rubber spatula, I gave new looks to the kitchen countertop. In the end I used a water-based protective for major resistance and waterproofing. And it was a beautiful moment when the colour was there, and the transformation was on its way.


il momento del colore


   Once I put up the new handles, my new kitchen was starting to come to life, and so, another one of my projects. I am a person who constantly needs new challenges, even if this sometimes means a few hours of sleep and lots of projects in my head. I think that dreaming makes us better: dreams are nothing but the challenges we pose to ourselves.


montaggio delle maniglie

   As you know, ideas can change during the process. After having applied the colour to the furniture and the countertop, the black tiles on the wall didn’t convince me anymore. I looked for suitable products, always water-based because I do not like working with solvent-based products.


verniciare le piastrelle


   And you can imagine the kind of arguments at home when my family understood my intentions. They feared that any product I would have chosen, over time could be ruined. Once I found the right product, I decided to proceed. At first I thought about leaving the white tiles, but overall it did not convince me so much, so I decided to make some shades using a light gray.


il colore finale delle piastrelle


   In the end, the installation of the oven and the stove brought back a little peace at home, along with a warm, cooked meal.


i ultimi ritocchi


   I would have liked to do more, but I am sure that my kitchen will have to go through other changes in the future.


la mia lavagna in cucina


   I haven’t mentioned the table yet… projects changed several times during my kitchen’s renovation. At first, I thought of changing it or replacing at least the legs, but in the end it just underwent a makeover: a base of primer, a coat of colour and finally some stencil for decorations.


tavolo trasformato


   The table is definitely the most important piece of the kitchen. This in particular is an extendable table, which has so often done its duty in welcoming our guests. It is true that we could organize dinners in the dining room, but I love to share with my friends the warmth that belongs only to the kitchen.


la torta per festeggiare


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